Digital Learning

At Hopkins, our students are not learning to use technology to consume, but to create, contribute, and to change the world!

Our district is committed to ensuring that our teachers and classrooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art tools they need to help our students learn effectively and be well prepared for life in a technological world.

In 2017, our Hopkins community renewed and slightly increased our Capital Projects Levy. This has allowed us to provide all our scholars with technology that has been increasingly more valuable as more scholars take part in Distance Learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With leadership from our digital content coaches, district media specialists, and technology support specialists, we are continually strengthening and expanding the integration of technology into instruction, curriculum, and assessment in a variety of ways: 

Technology Highlights

  • 1:1 equitable access to a digital device (iPads and Chromebooks) for all students in grades K-12
  • Elementary Classroom EcoSystem (read more below).
  • Ongoing professional training for all staff in the use of current technical tools and applications.
  • State-of-the-art hardware, software, web-based and mobile apps, and online resources for scholars and staff.
A kindergartener smiles as he uses his iPad.

For more information, contact Technology, Media, and Information Systems at or 952-988-4111

The Elementary EcoSystem

“I have never been so excited in my whole life about teaching than I have been in these last few years. It’s a total change. Kids have a choice in the way they access their learning. It’s amazing, and it’s reaching every kid.
-Julie Schlecht, Glen Lake Teacher

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Digital Classrooms

Two kindergarten students use their iPads as their instructor supervises.

Hennepin County Library Partnership

Hopkins Public Schools is excited to be among the first schools in Minnesota to participate in the White House ConnectED initiative through a partnership with Hennepin County Library. The goal of the program is to make sure every student has access to the public library, a powerful educational resource. The District's participation will enrich the classroom experience by connecting all students to Hennepin County Library's extensive collection of print and electronic resources.

More information about Hennepin County Library can found online at: