Glen Lake Go!
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Glen Lake Go!

In Glen Lake Elementary's Glen Lake Go! program, your child will enjoy hands-on experiential learning experiences and educational field trips that broaden their perspectives and captivate their curiosity. 

What is the Glen Lake Go! program? 

Our students are learning through exploration, real-life opportunities, and experiences. In the Glen Lake Go! program, your child will be exposed to 8-10 experiences and field trips each school year that bring learning to life and meet their academic, emotional, and social needs. 

Glen Lake Go! field trips are broken into four categories: 

  • Standards/Curriculum: Apply and expand what students learn inside the classroom to the real-world. 
  • Experiences: Enjoy fun indoor and outdoor activities that activate your child's mind and body. 
  • Career and Business Partnerships: Observe how businesses work and the variety of paths professionals take in their careers. 
  • Community Involvement: Volunteer at local organizations and engage in community events and activities. 
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Every Glen Lake Elementary grade level will have one field trip or learning experience per month during the school year. 


Interested in learning more? 

Find out more about the Glen Lake Go! program and sign up for a tour of Glen Lake Elementary by calling 952-988-5200