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Making our scholar's health and wellness a priority.

Welcome to Hopkins Public Schools' Student Health and Nursing Services. We are committed to providing relevant health and resource information for the Hopkins Public Schools community.

Every school office is staffed by a Licensed School Nurse who collaborates with students, families, staff, and community partners to promote student health for academic success.

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Health Services

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Health Forms

Download any of our Health Services forms. The forms are listed alphabetically in PDF format. Save files on your computer, then open in a PDF viewing application. Note: If you find an accessibility issue with any of these PDFs, please contact Mary Jo Martin, District Lead Nurse at or call 952-988-4405.

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Immunization Information

Students enrolled in Hopkins’ schools must be in compliance with Minnesota Statute 121A.15 regarding immunizations. Students will not be permitted to enroll or attend school until documentation that they have either had the required immunizations or that they are exempt is received. There will be no grace period for new or transfer students.

Exceptions may be made as determined by the principal in consultation with the school nurse. An exemption request must include a statement signed by a physician stating that immunization is contraindicated for medical reasons, or laboratory tests confirm the presence of adequate immunity; or the exemption request must include a notarized statement by the parent or guardian saying that the child has not been immunized because of conscientiously held beliefs. 

A full list of required immunizations is available in the Immunization Requirements section. 


Have questions?
If you don't know where to go for shots or do not have health insurance, contact your child's school nurse.

New vaccine requirement for all 12th graders in 2020-21 school year

There is a new state requirement for all 12th grade students to have proof of a second meningococcal vaccine at the start of next school year. Please talk to your medical provider now to provide that documentation as soon as possible. The immunization documentation form is linked below.  You do have the option to medically exempt or object to vaccination.

For more information, please visit the Minnesota Legislature's website.

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School Nurse Staff

Julie Weig

Location: Harley Hopkins Family Center

Contact:, 952-988-5034

Laura Kelzer

Location: Eisenhower Elementary

Contact:, 952-988-4304

JoAnne Robinson

Location: Alice Smith Elementary

Contact:, 952-988-4213

Nell Waxman

Location: Gatewood Elementary


Jody Mcdermott-Baty

Location: Glen Lake Elementary

Contact:, 952-988-5204

Jana Balfany

Location: L.H. Tanglen Elementary

Contact:, 952-988-4914

Karen Tusa

Location: Meadowbrook Elementary


Ann Salzer

Location: North Junior High

Contact:, 952-988-4804

Barb Ylitalo

Location: West Junior High

Contact:, 952-988-4405

Akwi Miranda

Location: Hopkins High School

Contact:, 952-988-4494

Health Para: Nicole Larkin

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